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Each Parish Soccer Director is responsible to make sure that the head coach for each of their school's teams completes the CYC Coaches Training Program "Coaching to Make a Positive Difference" prior to the start of the season. Any coach that does not complete the class will be ineligible to coach in the league. All coaches are required to attend a "Protecting God's Children" workshop. Please see the CYC website www.cycstl.net for more information.

>League Starts
The league starts on Saturday, September 9, 2017, and runs for 9 weeks. Pre K league games are played at Lindenwood Park (small field). Kindergarten league games are played at Busch School Field. First Grade league games are played at Nottingham School Field.

> Deadlines
The application submission deadline for all teams is August 4, 2017. To avoid a late filing fee of $50.00, each team roster must be submitted by August 31, 2017. Please submit updated applications and rosters as necessary.

> In order to meet the team application deadline for Pre-K and/or Kindergarten teams, it is recommended that each Soccer Director contact the parents of children in the incoming Pre- K and Kindergarten classes before the start of school to see if there are enough children interested to form a team.

> Pre-K and Kindergarten Leagues
Each team fields 6 players one of whom is the goalkeeper. Eligible players are children in Kindergarten and Pre-K (age 4 prior to the start of the season).

> First Grade League
Each team fields 7 players one of whom is the goalkeeper. Eligible players are children in First Grade and Kindergarten.

> Teams
The league does not have an A team B team system. Schools with multiple teams in the same league, should divide their teams equally according to player talent. This will provide for more competitive games throughout the season and thus more fun for the kids on all teams.

All girl teams, all boys teams and mixed girls and boys teams teams usually play in seperate divisions. However, depending on the number of team applications submitted each year for each division, it is sometimes necessary to combine these divisions. Mixed grade teams are placed in the older grade division.

> Contact League Commissioner if you need players to complete a team or have players in need of a team.

> Team Fees
The league team fee is $225.00.   Each Parish Soccer Director should provide one check for all of their teams made payable to the Judge Dowd Soccer League and mail to: Judge Dowd Soccer League, 8 Homeland Place, St. Louis, MO 63109.   To avoid a late fee of $100.00, league fees must be received before September 15th.

> Standings and Wins
There are no official wins or losses, and league standings are not kept.

> Trophies
Player trophies are provided by the league. Please return extra trophies to League Commissioner.

> Referees
Referees are provided and compensated by the league. There is zero tolerance of any criticism or protest of a referee’s decision. In an effort to continue to improve the officiating throughout the season, a referee evaluation form is available on the referee section of the website to advise the League Commissioner of any compliments or complaints about the officiating.

> Make-up Games/Cancel Games:
Make-up games are played at the option of the coaches. A coach who cannot play a scheduled game should contact the League Commissioner as soon as possible. A coach who is interested in playing a make-up game for a canceled game should contact the League Commissioner.

Game cancellation notices due to bad weather or poor field conditions will be posted on the website.

> Team/Player Photos:
Team and player photos are available from Kabance Photo or a photographer of your choice.   Judge Dowd Soccer League Photo and Video Policies



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